Meet Some of Our Best and Brightest

At Cox Media Group, our employees inform, inspire, entertain and improve the communities we serve.

We’re a collaborative group, and do our work with speed, passion and courage. Our employees are our most valuable resource. We hire the best and brightest, which helps our Superbrands compete and win in each market we serve. We create an innovative environment that encourages entrepreneurship, nurtures personal development and builds on your unique talents.

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  • Photograph of Jordan

    Jordan Allend

    Editor and Photographer for WPXI

    “The thing I love most about my job is the fact that it is never boring. Every day is a new story and a new challenge. The opportunity to use my creativity on a daily basis and get information out to thousands still amazes me a year after starting. Our web department is the best in the city.”

  • Photograph of Kari

    Kari Cobham

    Digital Analyst

    "I’m constantly awed by the ease at which we’re able to collaborate on digital programs and social/digital content that’s performing exceptionally well in our various markets, and how we share knowledge and successes. It’s harder to communicate and scale in large media organizations and we do it so well."

  • Photograph of Joseph

    Joseph Naylor

    Senior Director of Product Management for CMG Digital Revenue and Operations

    “What I like most about my job is that digital media and marketing are changing the way businesses interact with consumers and vice versa...My passion is helping businesses understand that challenging dynamic and guiding them to success in this new environment.”

  • Photograph of Josh

    Josh Hill

    Promotions/Marketing Director

    “I joined CMG in January of 2009 and have been in this position since October 2012. I love my coworkers, clients and the listeners that I get to interact with every day. I enjoy being at different locations around town and being able to bring a little excitement to people’s everyday lives. Whether we are at a concert venue, hyping up the crowd, or at a car dealership remote, we bring the excitement – and the party!”

  • Photograph of Mallory

    Mallory Siler

    Digital Campaign Specialist

    “With the digital landscape constantly changing, it was very obvious that CMG focused on educating and really partnering with clients to make solid business decisions. It was also refreshing seeing how CMG offers product based solutions to help clients reach their goals – even those they may not be aware were possible.”

  • Photograph of Angelina

    Angelina Rosario

    Local Sales Manager, CMG Miami

    “I chose to work for CMG because of its reputation as a company and how deeply they care about their employees. I also love the fact that, through the marketing solutions we provide our clients, we can affect their businesses and lives positively. I enjoy the diverse customer base and the very distinctive challenges we help them decipher every day.”